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Statement by Barack Obama on the 52nd Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution

October 23, 2008

Senator Barack Obama today released the following statement on the 52nd Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution:

“On October 23, 1956, the Hungarian people rose up against the oppressive Communist regime imposed by the Soviet Union.  On that fateful day, the citizens of Budapest – workers, students, soldiers – stood up against Soviet tyranny in the name of freedom.  Against tremendous odds, the Hungarian people resisted the Soviet occupation.  Many Hungarians died defending their country’s freedom and independence.
“It took over 200,000 Soviet troops to crush the uprising, but the spirit and hope of the Hungarian nation could not be defeated. Their fight for freedom inspired people across America and around the world.  Today, thanks to the determination of its people, Hungary is a free country.  It has “returned to Europe” as a member of NATO, a member of the European Union, and a full partner in the transatlantic community.
“Over the years, many Hungarians have come to the United States and lived the American dream, contributing so much to American science and medicine, to our cultural life, to our universities, and to so many other fields.  America is a better place thanks to their remarkable contributions.  In the years ahead, I look forward to a closer strategic relationship between America and Hungary and even deeper friendship among our people, building on the common interests and values that bind our two countries together. “
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Contact: Obama-Biden Press Office; (312) 819-2423