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Sen. Maltese Saves Queens Multi Service

September 19, 2008

Assistance will continue for Queens Seniors

State  Senator  Serphin  R. Maltese (Queens) obtained a $65,000 grant that  will  allow  Queens Multi Service Center to continue to provide vital assistance   to   seniors   in  Glendale,  Ridgewood,  Middle  Village  and surrounding communities.

Several  weeks  ago, Queens Multi Service was notified that the money it  had  been  receiving  from the City was being terminated.  Without that money,  according  to  QMS  Director  Roseann  Rosado, they would have been forced to close.

“The  loss  of  Queens  Multi  Service  Center  would directly impact thousands of seniors who rely on their assistance and guidance in obtaining services  through  Medicare, food stamps, SCRIE, EPIC and other entitlement programs,”  said  Senator  Maltese.   “I believe it is imperative to ensure they continue to operate.”

“On  behalf  of  RBSCC,  Inc.  -  Queens Multi Service and the senior citizens we serve, we want to express our sincere thanks to Senator Serphin Maltese  for  his  leadership  in  working  so  hard to replace the funding recently  lost  by  Queens  Multi  Service.  Without this funding, we would certainly  have  had to close our doors and thus render our senior citizens helpless  in maintaining the quality of life benefits and entitlements they so  richly  deserve,”  said  Roseann Rosado, Queens Multi Service Director. “This  is  once  again  a  testament  to the true dedication and concern of Senator Maltese to this community and all its constituents.  Thank you once again  for rising to the occasion and preserving the quality of life for so many.”

The  emergency funding is in addition to a $90,000 grant that Senator Maltese   already  allocated  for  transportation  services,  the  Saturday “mini-senior  center”  and  case  management assistance, as well as $25,000 provided by City Councilman Anthony Como.

“Working  in a close partnership with City Councilman Como, I am very pleased  to  be  able  to  provide  this  critical funding for Queens Multi Service,”  said  Senator  Maltese.   “I  cannot  tell you how many times my office  has  referred  seniors  to their center when they needed someone to help them obtain services that would mean the difference between staying in their  own  home or being forced to move into a facility.  They have served the  seniors of our communities for over 20 years and I firmly believe they
are indispensable and invaluable and we will be working closely together to make sure that they continue to serve our seniors and all our residents.”

Victoria Vattimo
Chief of Staff for Senator Maltese
Room 413 Capitol, Albany, NY 12247