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S. Korea's Kia to recall 35,000 cars in US

September 03, 2010

South Korea's second largest carmaker Kia Motors said Friday it is recalling about 35,000 vehicles sold in the United States due to faulty wiring in interior lights that could cause fires.

On Tuesday the company said it would recall about 18,000 vehicles sold domestically because of the same problem.

Most vehicles subject to the US recall were made in South Korea except for the Sorento R, which was produced at Kia's factory in the US state of Georgia, a company spokesman said.

The US recall affects about 24,000 Soul hatchbacks produced between September 2009 and June this year and some 11,000 Sorento sport utility vehicles made in the same period.

No accidents or injuries due to the defective wiring have been reported.


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