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Screen star Michael Douglas in fight with throat cancer

August 17, 2010

Oscar-winning US actor Michael Douglas, 65, is fighting throat cancer and will undergo chemotherapy, People magazine reported Monday.

Hollywood royalty Douglas, a son of screen legend Kirk Douglas, was set to receive eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, his spokesman told People online.

His doctors expect Douglas to make a full recovery, the spokesperson added.

"I am very optimistic," Douglas was quoted as saying in a statement.

His spokesperson did not immediately confirm the report to AFP.

Douglas has starred in hits such as "Fatal Attraction" (1988), "Wall Street" (1988), "War of the Roses" (1990), "Basic Instinct" (1992) and "Traffic" (2001).

In September he will appear in the "Wall Street" sequel by Oliver Stone "Money Never Sleeps."

Douglas has been married since 2000 to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. They have two children. He has a son Cameron, from his earlier marriage to Diandra Douglas. Cameron was in April sentenced to five years in jail for drug trafficking.

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