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Cindy Crawford gets caught up in spirit

February 16, 2010

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford has been been entering into the Olympic spirit, but is not alone in finding curling rather quirky.

"I loved the opening ceremony, then we went up to Whistler and saw the ski-jumping," said Crawford.

"Those guys are flying. It was amazing to watch," added the American, who turns 44 on Saturday.

"It's cool just being at any event even if you didn't think you were a fan. You can't help but get caught up in it," she told the BBC.

She added that having come late to skiing her best days on the snow were likely behind her.

"I didn't start skiing until I was 30. Last year was the first year that my kids (Presley, 9, and Kaia, 8) have surpassed me and they don't want to ski with me," she said.

Asked if her winter sports enthusiasm extended to curling, Crawford was hesitant, however.

"I know it involves a brush, right?"

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