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Symposium: Jan Sawka: The Place of Memory (The Memory of Place) in NY

February 16, 2020

Symposium: Jan Sawka: The Place of Memory (The Memory of Place) in NY

A two-day symposium co-hosted by The Dorsky Museum and The Kosciuszko Foundation in New York City including panels of scholars who will help illuminate aspects of Jan Sawka’s practice, his biography, and the social and historic context of his art. Speakers will include Peter Schwenger, Tom Wolf, Beth Wilson, the exhibition curators and others.

The discussion on the first day will focus on the biographical aspects of Jan Sawka’s life, his exile from Poland under communist rule and his journey to the Hudson Valley in New York, with special guests Hanna Sawka (Jan Sawka’s widow), exhibition co-curator, Dr. Frank Boyer, and art collector Peter Solow. It will be moderated by Hanna Sawka.

The second day will be an academic analysis of the art-historical and critical implications of the legacy of Jan Sawka’s art practice with its themes of collective memory, identity and alienation through visual narration of a landscape.

Special guests will include Dr. Peter Schwenger, cultural critic and Resident Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at the University of Western Ontario, Beth Wilson, M.Phil, art collector Peter Solow, art critic and Art History Lecturer at SUNY New Paltz, Dr. Tom Wolf, Professor of Art History at Bard College and Dr. Frank Boyer, exhibition co-curator. Both panels will be moderated by Hanna Maria Sawka, MFA, exhibition co-curator.

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (SDMA) at SUNY New Paltz, co-hosted by SDMA on March 28, and The Kosciuszko Foundation in New York on March 29.