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Odd-Looking `submarine' Spotted Near QM2

August 03, 2007

Authorities arrested three men after spotting a strange-looking submarine bobbing Friday near the docked Queen Mary 2. The three were being questioned, but authorities said there was no indication terrorism was involved.

A detective noticed the vessel, with one person inside, and an inflatable boat carrying two people, near a security zone around the luxury ocean liner docked at the cruise ship terminal on the East River in Brooklyn.

It was not clear what the people were doing in the vessel.

The vessel was partly submerged and "appeared to be designed for underwater navigation," the police department said in a news release. Charges were expected.

Photographs showed a vessel that resembled a diving bell, with a hatch on top.

WABC-TV reported that it was equipped with oxygen tanks.

Last update: 08/03/2007

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