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Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha Called for Peace and a Landmine Ban on the International Day of Peace

Brian L. Scott Jr.     October 18, 2023

Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha Called for Peace and a Landmine Ban on the International Day of Peace

The internationally recognized figure, global Peace Ambassador Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha, called for peace and landmine contamination during her official International Day of Peace broadcasting.

During the Peace One Day Live organized by Peace One Day - a global celebration of the International Day of Peace, HSH Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha gave an interview to Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, member of the Order of the British Empire, then 20-minutes broadcasting organized by Princess Angelika took place.

Peace One Day, the speech of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres inaugurated Live.

Due to the Peace One Day’s efforts, UN member states unanimously adopted a General Assembly resolution, establishing 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace – Peace Day.

Peace Ambassador Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha hosted (including the interview) a 30-minute first-ever broadcast from Warsaw, Poland, as part of Peace One Day Live.

Peace One Day Live - Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha- Interview & her broadcasting from Poland Video:

It drew attention to Poland's tragic yet uplifting history, as one of the speakers was Juliusz Kulesza, pseudonym “Julek,” a Veteran of the Warsaw Uprising, who was also present at Princess’ live studio. While the Warsaw Uprising is primarily associated with the struggle for Polish independence and resistance against German occupation during World War II, its broader significance transcends national borders. It has come to symbolize critical principles related to human rights and freedom. Around 90% of Warsaw was destroyed or severely damaged during World War II.

The Uprising's message of unity and solidarity in adversity resonates globally. It highlights the importance of communities and nations standing together to protect and defend human rights against oppressive regimes and human rights abuses. The Uprising has been a source of inspiration for human rights movements and activists worldwide.

After the tragic end of the Uprising and the widespread destruction of Warsaw, the city's post-war reconstruction symbolizes resilience, renewal, and the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity.

The broadcasting was also dedicated to drawing attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression. While the world suffers many wars and conflicts, our attention to the tragedy in Ukraine should not be weakened as well.

The figures from the end of September from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights put the number of civilian deaths at 9,614 and injuries at 17,535 since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. However, the agency notes the number of casualties is likely much higher.

Statistics from UNHCR, the U.N. refugee agency, show that 5.1 million people are displaced within Ukraine, and another 6,197,200 have fled to other countries as refugees.

During Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha’s broadcasting from Poland, there was a concert by the music band Yarova, from Lutsk in Ukraine, who created a particular song, "No War," for this occasion.

The studio had Polish and Ukrainian children, students, and refugees from the current war.

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United

"Peace One Day" is an organization and global campaign that promotes peace and advocates for a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The campaign is centered around the International Day of Peace, observed on September 21 yearly.

The efforts of Peace One Day align with broader initiatives to foster peace, human rights, and social justice globally. It serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility to work towards a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Peace One Day, the organization and global campaign dedicated to promoting peace and advocating for a day of global ceasefire and non-violence has achieved several notable successes since its inception. These successes include:

  1. Establishment of the International Day of Peace: Peace One Day's advocacy and engagement with the United Nations officially recognized the International Day of Peace on September 21st. This day is a globally recognized opportunity for people and nations to commit to peace and non-violence.
  2. Global Ceasefires: Peace One Day has played a role in securing temporary ceasefires in various conflict zones, allowing humanitarian activities, vaccination campaigns, and peacebuilding efforts to take place. While achieving a complete global ceasefire remains a long-term goal, the organization's efforts have demonstrated the possibility of reducing violence on this day.
  3. Awareness and Advocacy: The organization has successfully raised awareness about the importance of peace and non-violence. It has engaged with governments, non-governmental organizations, celebrities, and artists to promote peace and inspire action.
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships: Peace One Day has built partnerships with governments, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations to advance the cause of peace. Its collaborative approach has expanded the reach and impact of the International Day of Peace.
  5. Creative Initiatives: Peace One Day has organized various innovative initiatives, including concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural events, to celebrate and advocate for peace. These events harness the power of the arts to convey messages of peace and unity.
  6. Education and Youth Engagement: The organization emphasizes the importance of peace education and encourages youth involvement. It has worked with schools and educational institutions to incorporate peace-related lessons and activities into curricula.
  7. Humanitarian Impact: The temporary ceasefires secured on the International Day of Peace have allowed humanitarian organizations to deliver critical assistance to conflict-affected communities. This has had a tangible and positive impact on people's lives.
  8. Inspiration for Action: Peace One Day has inspired countless individuals and communities to take action for peace. Today, people worldwide engage in acts of kindness, community service, and dialogue.

While Peace One Day has achieved significant success in its mission to promote peace, it must be acknowledged that building lasting peace is an ongoing process. The organization continues to work towards its vision of a world where violence ceases for at least one day a year, creating opportunities for dialogue and peacebuilding.

Peace One Day is a reminder that peace is not just an aspiration but a collective responsibility that requires sustained efforts from governments, organizations, communities, and individuals. Its successes are a testament to the power of collective action in pursuit of a more peaceful and harmonious world.