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At Least Do Something - the World Will Be Shaped by the Young Change Makers

Adrianna Szmigiel     June 22, 2023

At Least Do Something - the World Will Be Shaped by the Young Change Makers

At least do something!

The ultimate obstacle to positive world changes is ourselves and passed off upon us by others or worse way of thinking that the world cannot be changed, whenever someone tries to do something positive, they are discouraged by people saying that there is no point in doing so, because the world cannot be saved, and the cruelty present in the world was, is and will keep happening. For instance, since I stopped eating meat, I hear from those around me that one person won't change anything, because animals are still suffering and being slaughtered either way and that they are being used in several different ways to produce the clothes that I wear.

The greatest minds of our time think that they can save the world through the colonization of Mars and consider the earth lost. I don’t and will never accept or agree with this way of thinking. The key to major positive world change is to change our mindsets and negative attitudes. If each of us did “something” for the earth, then the outcome would be massive.

For every one of us, it takes a minimal effort, like reducing the number of clothes we buy or changing our diet at least once a week and switching to sustainable cosmetics to make a gigantic change. In consequence, such positive changes, for sure would empower people to take yet another step further in the process of changing their attitudes and then take another step and another and another...

Just because we can’t do everything right away doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something. Saving the world requires a mental revolution, attitude revolution, and education regarding the sense of responsibility for the well-being of our planet, the creatures living there, and for further generations. Otherwise, the same story will be repeated on Mars or everywhere else.

My dear mentor Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha, who created the movement Young Change Makers for all young people who want to change the future of our world, adheres to exactly all these principles.

I am enormously proud that under the wings of Princess Angelika, I can be such a distinguished young change maker and participate in the global development of this great idea.

„Princess Angelika as well as people that she closely cooperates with around the world in terms of peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and charity such as Jeremy Gilley globally recognized humanitarian and founder of Peace One Day, Svitlana Salamatova, President at Geopolitical Alliance of Women or Abdul Basit Sayed, global peace activist and Founder & Chairman World Humanitarian Drive are all huge inspirations and role models not only for me, but also for all current and future Young Change Makers around the globe."