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Catholic University of Lublin expert: Let's see threats as opportunities for families

Family News Service
September 15, 2023

Catholic University of Lublin expert: Let's see threats as opportunities for families

What appears as a threat can be an opportunity. Difficulties in communication between parents and children, when worked through, can lead to a deepening of relationship and conscious building of family ties," stressed Renata Pomarańska, Ph.D., the Catholic University of Lublin teacher and family expert, in an interview with Family News Service. Pomerańska will conduct workshops for children and young people during the World Congress of Polish Families, held on September 15-17 in Gdańsk.

Polish families, both in the country and abroad, face the problem of problematic relationships with children and young people. "It is worth talking and building relationships with children at every opportunity. It's worth taking the trouble to understand children's needs and interests, to communicate with them about it," Renata Pomarańska emphasized.

Communication problems with children stem from parents' fundamental inability to build relationships. "Individualism attacks the family from within. It is the realization of self at the expense of others," Pomarańska said.

Renata Pomarańska noted that modern ideologies are not conducive to building family ties, and destructive patterns of family life are often promoted. "A strong family based on respect and trust can survive with dignity and cope with numerous challenges and threats," she said. "The condition is that the family is strong in faith, love, and emotional bond between parents and children and between the older generation, i.e., grandparents," Renata Pomarańska concluded.

"Polish families are often separated. The absence of one or both parents often results in neglect in the process of upbringing and in the sphere of passing on the faith," Renata Pomarańska noted. According to the expert, a child should know why the emigration of a parent or parents is necessary, how long it will last, and the consequences. "The child, to the extent possible, should participate in the discussions preceding the departure of the parent or the whole family for emigration," the university expert stressed. It is essential that the arrangements are respected and the child does not feel abandoned. "It is important to reassure the child that they are loved and about the bonding with both parents," she added.

Dr. Pomarańska invited all families to the World Congress of Polish Families in Gdansk. "There will be interesting guests, specialists from all over the world. This meeting and mutual exchange of experiences can strengthen one's own families and give concrete tools to build and strengthen family ties," she said in an interview with Family News Service.

Renata Pomaranska is a university teacher at the Catholic University of Lublin. She teaches a course on family science. She will conduct workshops at the Congress for children and youth over 15. "I will be practically teaching children through various exercises how to talk to their parents daily, both to know how to convey their message and be understood by them and to know how to listen better and understand what mom and dad want to tell us," - Pomarańska said.

The World Congress of Polish Families, organized by the Polish Family Council to the Polish Bishops' Conference Delegate for the Pastoral Care of Poles Abroad, is under the honorary patronage of the Polish Bishops' Conference. This year's edition will be held in a hybrid form - stationary in Gdansk and online. Participants include families from Germany, France, Switzerland, the USA, Italy, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Registration for the stationary Congress for Polish families from abroad and Poland: https://gcb.treevent.pl/rejestracja.qbpage?konfId=1454853&setLanguage=en

Online registration for the Congress (broadcast of some events only; English translation available): https://kongresrodzinpolonijnych.pl/online.qbpage

For more information: https://kongresrodzinpolonijnych.pl/home.qbpage?setLanguage=en

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