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The Museums of New York - American Museum of the Moving Image

February 03, 2008

New York City, known as the cultural capital of the world, has nearly 100 museums that range in specialty from space travel to Asian History. These museums are often less popular than the more famous ones like the Museum of Modern Art or Museum of Natural History, but can offer just as much of a unique experience to visitors. Every week, we will feature one museum that we feel offers something distinctive to the New Yorker or tourist.

Everybody watches movies but not many know the techniques behind making one. Explore the history of movies, from the invention of video cameras to the introduction of CGI at AMNI. Interesting for all age groups, the museum offers interactive exhibits such as green screens and mock movie sets. The museum hosts nearly daily events, presenting clips from some of America's earliest films.
Learn about the evolution of the Loew’s movie theater chain in the temporary installation “From Penny Arcade to Megaplex: A Special Exhibition in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Loews,.” The museum also offers free educational programs, such as the Motion Family Workshop, on the digital world, screen-writing, special effects, and even filming itself.

35th Ave and 36th Street
Astoria, Queens

Open Sunday - Wednesday

Check site for specific times