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The Museums of New York - Museum of Jewish Heritage

January 26, 2008

New York City, known as the cultural capital of the world, has nearly 100 museums that range in specialty from space travel to Asian History. These museums are often less popular than the more famous ones like the Museum of Modern Art or Museum of Natural History, but can offer just as much of a unique experience to visitors. Every week, we will feature one museum that we feel offers something distinctive to the New Yorker or tourist.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is a memorial of the world-changing Holocaust. It is divided into three exhibits, offering visitors a look at Jewish heritage and the events leading up to and including the Holocaust. There are thousands of photographs on display, revealing such emotional events as the horrendous treatment of the victims to the reunification of shattered families. The museum’s hexagonal shape represents the Star of David, and the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Currently, the museum has several special exhibitions on display. These include: “The Other Promised Land: Vacationing, Identity, and the Jewish-American Dream,” revealing the actions and mindsets of Jews as they traveled to America, in search of vacation spots and retreats; “Daring To Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust,” a revealing look at the strong resistance and struggle against the leaders and ideals of the Holocaust; and “From the Heart: The Photojournalism of Ruth Gruber,”  a look at the works of Ruth Gruber, whose heavy involvement in documenting Jewish history gave her the ability to view this part of society and history in a comprehensive and detailed way.