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The Museums of New York - Socrates Sculpture Park

January 19, 2008

New York City, known as the cultural capital of the world, has nearly 100 museums that range in specialty from space travel to Asian History. These museums are often less popular than the more famous ones like the Museum of Modern Art or Museum of Natural History, but can offer just as much of a unique experience to visitors. Every week, we will feature one museum that we feel offers something distinctive to the New Yorker or tourist.

In 1986 artist Mark di Suvero and a group of his friends transformed an abandoned riverside landfill to Socrates Sculpture Park. It initially served as an open studio and exhibition space for artists and as a neighborhood park for local residents. Now, it is an internationally renowned museum visited by artists from all over the world. Every year, art from multiple countries is presented at various points throughout the park. Visitors can examine these interesting, modern sculptures while taking a stroll in a space with a riverside view of Upper Manhattan. Currently, the park is hosting an Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition, which presents the summer works of a group of artists chosen by the park's Board of Directors. Socrates Sculpture Park is open from 10 AM to sunset, ensuring that anybody can visit, no matter what their schedules are.

3205 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, Queens
Open daily
10 am - sunset

Marcin Skok