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The Museums of New York - The Museum of the City of New York (MCNY)

February 10, 2008

New York City, known as the cultural capital of the world, has nearly 100 museums that range in specialty from space travel to Asian History. These museums are often less popular than the more famous ones like the Museum of Modern Art or Museum of Natural History, but can offer just as much of a unique experience to visitors. Every week, we will feature one museum that we feel offers something distinctive to the New Yorker or tourist.

MCNY gives visitors a chance to brush up on their New York City knowledge, including historical and geographical facts. Vistors can read newspapers and magazines such as the Jewish Daily Forward, to gain a unique perspective on the events and places New York played host to years ago. The wide array of exhibits of art and exhibits from several centuries appeals to people of all ages and interests. Along with a series of photographs and objects chronicling the start of baseball, there is also an exhibit on the development of dolls and toys in the City.

1220 Fifth Ave at 104th St
Open Tuesday - Sunday
10 am - 5 pm