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Learn English at Amlotus in New York with I-20

AmLotus     February 26, 2018

Amlotus, LLC, is committed to providing high-quality English instruction in the form of ESL, TOEFL classes, and tutoring in Language Arts. We strive to assist students in their academic, cultural, and linguistic development so that they will be able to be successful in their endeavors. We provide a supportive and positive work environment in order to attract and retain instructors and support staff of the highest caliber. We encourage the use of a variety of teaching styles, modern technology, and experiences outside of the classroom to meet the needs of students with different learning styles from different backgrounds. We seek to provide an enriching, professional, and comfortable environment for our students to learn and socialize in, and we offer a plethora of student services to assist our students with any issues they may encounter, whether those concerns are of an academic or personal nature.

In order to get an I-20 from Amlotus, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete an international student application form for SEVIS I-20 and submit it via on-line. $90 USD payment for course registration fee and $450 USD payment for SEVIS I-20 application and F-1 Visa Process fee will be applied at the time of submission.

Please use following document:


Step 2: Register and make payment for an Amlotus Full-time Intensive Academic and ESL Language Program.

A wire transfer

Bank Name: Citibank NA
Account Name: AMLOTUS, LLC
Account Number: 9987312213
Swift Code: CiTiUS33
Bank Address: 22 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001
Bank TEL: 212-279-4852

 Credit Card


 Money Order

Make payable to:
Amlotus LLC
Please send the money order to the address below:
500 8th Ave Suite 909, New York, NY 10018, USA

Step 3: Send us required supporting documents.

Step 4: Receive an I-20 form from Amlotus. Please be advised that it takes 2-3 weeks to process your SEVIS I-20 request. SEVIS I-20 will be mailed to you by Express Mail.

You may also request us to send your SEVIS I-20 to someone in the U.S or have someone to pick it up on your behalf.

Step 5: Visit www.fmjfee.com and pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee that is required by the US Homeland Security Department. You must complete it before you have a visa interview at the Embassy.

Step 6: Apply for your F-1 visa in your home country. Visit www.usembassy.gov for the information about a list of the closest U.S. Consulate or Embassy and how to prepare a visa interview.

Step 7: Come to the U.S. Please be advised that you will not be allowed by Immigration to
enter the U.S. anytime earlier than 30 days before your classes start.

Step 8: Report your arrival to Amlotus School within 3 days after your arrival.

Step 9: Schedule an appointment for the placement test and attend our New Student Orientation.

Step 10: Start your courses at Amlotus.

When calling us, please reference POLISH AMERICAN PAGES.

Dzwoniąc powołaj się na reklamę z POLONIJNEJ KSIĄŻKI - Polish Pages.

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