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Notre Dame Catholic Academy Welcomes Councilman Robert Holden As Special Guest Teacher

Diocese Brooklyn
March 13, 2022

Notre Dame Catholic Academy Welcomes Councilman Robert Holden As Special Guest Teacher

The third-grade students at Notre Dame Catholic Academy earlier this week welcomed City Councilman Robert Holden (D-30th District), to their class as a special guest teacher, who presented a civics lesson detailing the role of a City Council member and the branches of government. Prior to his election to the City Council, Councilman Holden was a college professor.

Councilman Holden and the students also discussed a number of issues in the neighborhood, including loud music and noise emanating from cars, and a request from one student for a speed bump to help calm traffic on a street in the community. The class presented Councilman Holden with artwork at the conclusion of his visit.

- It was a pleasure hosting Councilman Holden at Notre Dame Catholic academy. The students were so engaged and loved learning from him as well as speaking to him. This was a great way to make government real and attainable in the eyes of third graders - said Principal Jennifer DiLorenzo.

- I was happy to visit the third-grade class at Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood. We discussed local government, including the checks and balances of City Hall. These young students were very impressive and asked smart questions. Some even gave advice on how to deal with loud music and noise. Their teachers and parents are clearly doing a great job - said Councilman Robert Holden.

- There is no better way to learn about our local government than from our Councilman Bob Holden. He spoke about his role and how students could make a difference in our community. They could come up with laws that could potentially get somewhere and make a difference - said Adriana Livreri, the third-grade teacher.

Notre Dame Catholic Academy is located at 62-22 61st Street in the Ridgewood section of Queens.