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Announcement of the Polish and Slavic Center in New York

April 07, 2020

Attention! In connection with the rapidly spreading coronavirus, with an eye on our client’s health and wellbeing, the Polish Slavic Center encourages all its clients to settle matters by phone or email.

The Polish and Slavic Center is always to help those in need, especially at such a difficult time. That is way all employees of the Center are standing by, ready to help.

"Krakus" Senior Center will be closed
for lunches until further notice.

Extended Social Services Program

Dorota Pastula: 929-210-3739, dorotapsc176@yahoo.com
EwelinaRudiak: 929-210-3549, ewelinapsc21@yahoo.com

"Krakus" Senior Citizen’s Club

Artur Pustula: 718-383-3434, 718-344-6983, krakusluncheonclub@nyc.rr.com

John Paul II Friendship Center

103 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009
Maria Madej: 917-648-9485, jp2@polishslaviccenter.org,
Alicja Zakrzewska: 929-210-2152, alicjazjp2@gmail.com
Lucyna Zynda: 929-210-2521, lucyna.JP@gmail.com

Immigration Program

Bozena Mazinska: 718-594-0894, immigrationpsc@yahoo.com


Agnieszka Granatowska: 929-373-6346, pscadmin@polishslaviccenter.com

We invite you to visit our website where we provide current information www.polishslaviccenter.org

When calling this company, please reference POLISH AMERICAN PAGES.

Polish & Slavic Center
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