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US Census Releases the 2010 Census Paid Media Buy List

January 31, 2010

Advertising for the 2010 Census will be seen and/or heard in all 210 media markets in the US. Below is a document of the comprehensive list of media outlets (vendors) where 2010 Census paid media will be placed. The advertising targets the following audiences: Diverse Mass, (every English speaking person in the U.S., approximately 84 percent of the population), Black, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (NHPI), Asian and Emerging.

The advertising will be conducted in 28 languages within the audiences mentioned above: English, Spanish, Chinese- Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog/Taglish, Russian, Polish, Arabic, French Creole, Japanese, Hindi/Hinglish, Khmer (Cambodia), Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Yiddish, Farsi, Armenian, Ukrainian, Greek, Hmong, Laotian, Thai, Urdu (Pakistan) and Bengali.
The paid media campaign will occur in three phases. The "Awareness/Education" phase runs January to early March, 2010. The second, or "Motivation" phase, runs early March to mid-April and is designed to motivate the public to fill out and mail back the questionnaire. The third and final "Non-Response-Follow-Up" phase runs from mid-April to June and is meant to encourage the public to cooperate with census workers who may come to their door.
The document lists the media in which planned advertising will take place: television, radio, magazines, newspapers, digital and out-of-home (outdoor). It also lists the vendors, the audience, language, market in which the advertising will run, state, weeks in which an ad will run and any comments. The media buys are subject to change. The document only lists media which has been bought for the "awareness/education" and "motivation" phases. Media placements for the "non-response-follow-up" phase will be made, and reported, at a later date. There is reserve funding available to purchase media in low responding areas. Recruitment advertising is not included in this document.
The media was purchased following an extensive request for proposal (RFP), consultation and negotiation process which took place in the third and fourth quarters of 2009. All prospective vendors were required to meet standardized requirements.
Any inquiries regarding this media buy list document should be made in writing to the 2010 Census Publicity Office at c2po.integrated.communications.program@census.gov.

View the list HERE

For more information, contact the Piast Institute at 313.733.4535 or by email at info@piastinstitute.org