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Making Data Analytics Efficient and Accessible. Webinar with Dr. Marcin Zukowski, co-founder of Snowflake Inc

Marek Skulimowski - The Kosciuszko Foundation
April 11, 2023

Making Data Analytics Efficient and Accessible. Webinar with Dr. Marcin Zukowski, co-founder of Snowflake Inc
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Event by The Kosciuszko Foundation. Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 12 PM Eastern Time.

The KF Collegium of Eminent Scientists and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (PIASA) invite you to the joint webinar featuring the presentation of the PIASA's Tadeusz Sendzimir Applied Sciences Award to Dr. Marcin Zukowski, followed by his lecture:

"Making Data Analytics Efficient and Accessible."

In this talk, Dr. Marcin Zukowski will discuss his work in the field of analytical data processing. He will explain the importance of database solutions in modern computer applications and systems, in particular, the growing importance of analytical databases. Dr. Zukowski will describe his most famous contribution to that field – vectorized data processing. This technology provided revolutionary performance benefits and has since become a de-facto industry standard. He will discuss the cloud and provide insights into a once-in-a-generation computing platform shift from local computing (PCs) to the cloud.

Dr. Zukowski will elaborate on how this new platform shift led to the development of Snowflake – the first and leading software system in this space designed specifically for the cloud. Snowflake provides amazing opportunities and value to its customers, with previously unachievable performance and data accessibility, as well as a completely novel ability to share data between organizations. Today Snowflake is used by thousands of organizations, including companies like JetBlue, AT&T, and Capital One.

Dr. Zukowski co-founded Snowflake Inc, a company in California, and has been a key member of its engineering organization since. He is a leading expert in database processing, focusing on high-performance and modern hardware architectures. Prior to Snowflake, Dr. Zukowski was the CEO of Vectorwise, a company in the Netherlands which produced the fastest single-node analytical database on the market. The developments were based on his Ph.D. research at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam.

Dr. Zukowski completed undergraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. He is an author of over 20 publications in the area of informatics and an inventor with over 50 patents.

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