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Happy Anniversary Piast Institute

The Piast Institute is proud to announce its 20th anniversary celebration. What started as a brainstorm in 2003 of Dr. Thaddeus C. Radzilowski and Ms. Virginia Skrzyniarz became a nationally recognized nonprofit research center that focused on Polish and Polish American affairs. Named after the first dynasty of Poland, the Piast Institute began its 20-year journey in Detroit, Michigan. In 2005, the Institute moved to Hamtramck where Polish immigrants had settled and flourished since the early 1900s.

In 2006, it was designated as an official Census Information Center (CIC) by the U.S. Census Bureau, one of 48 centers in the nation. The Institute’s mission and programming aim is to celebrate Polish contributions to America as well as world culture and history.

Over the years, the Piast Institute has grown its work to include community outreach and has become a strong voice in promoting prevention of substance abuse for the youth of the community. As an integral part of the community, the Piast Institute supports and promotes the long history of diversity and cultural exchange that is still a vital part of Hamtramck. The Institute sponsors annual events that celebrate the rich history of Polish Americans and Poles and encourages healthy lifestyles for both the youth and the community at large.

Over the next 12 months, the Piast Institute will host several events to celebrate its 20th anniversary. In March, Professor Imogene Salva will present and discuss her book, “One Star Away” – the story of her mother’s journey from war-torn Poland to Russia, Iran and finally India. In May, Dr. Dominik Stecula will review his book, “Polish Americans Today”, giving a firsthand look at the current values and beliefs of Polish Americans across the country. If you would like more information about the Institute or these and other upcoming events or would like to make a donation, visit www.piastinstitute.org

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