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#Polonia4Ukraine. Over $140,000 Raised for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
March 18, 2022

#Polonia4Ukraine. Over $140,000 Raised for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

In the course of our fundraising campaign to help refugees from Ukraine in Poland, conducted jointly with the John Paul II Foundation in New Jersey, we have already collected over $140,000.

These funds are sent to Poland on an ongoing basis to support the refugees. To date, we have sent $100,000 to the following organizations:

- Caritas of the Łomża Diocese                               $20,000.00
- House of the John Paul II Foundation in Lublin $10,000.00
- Caritas of the Diocese of Ełk                                       $20,000.00
- Caritas of the Diocese of Drohiczyn                          $20,000.00
- Foundation Aid for Poles in the East                         $10,000.00
- Caritas of the Archdiocese of Krakow                      $20,000.00

We would like to thank all PSFCU Members and other donors and invite everyone to continue taking active part in our charity campaign.

Polish & Slavic FCU, PSFCU

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