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The Polish American Congress Condemns the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Polish American Congress - Illinois
February 25, 2022

The Polish American Congress Condemns the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
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We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their fight against an authoritarian regime that has engaged in unprovoked violence against their country. We fear that this attack on Ukraine will destabilize the entire region and will cause a great humanitarian crisis.

The images of explosions and fighting throughout Ukraine must serve as evidence that the current regime in Moscow is committed to rearranging the security architecture in Europe through any means necessary. It is a continuation of aggressive actions that started in 2008 against Georgia, 2014 against Ukraine, military infiltration of Belarus and now a full-scale invasion against Ukraine. The U.S and its allies must respond by adopting the harshest possible sanctions and measures that will make it clear that this blatant disregard for international norms will no longer be tolerated.
We applaud the decisions of the Biden administration to reinforce the NATO presence in Poland, the Baltics and other NATO eastern-flank allies. We support further military aid to the region. We see now how far the Putin regime is willing to go to impose its will on independent countries in the region. Consequently, we call on the Biden administration to strongly consider the permanent presence of U.S troops in Poland and other eastern-flank NATO allies that wish such presence in order to deter Russia.