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"As of December 23rd We Have Raised $156,000 for our Children’s Holiday Smile Charity Action"

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
December 24, 2021

"As of December 23rd We Have Raised $156,000 for our Children’s Holiday Smile Charity Action"
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We have raised $156,000 for our Children’s Holiday Smile Charity Action so far this year! Let’s see how far we can take it—every donation, no matter how small makes a difference! Thank you for your generosity and kindness. “Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people and remember no one has ever become poor by giving to help others.”

Let's Help the Children Together! For the eighth time, the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union together with the New York-based Children's Smile Foundation invites you to take part in the "Children's Holiday Smile" charity drive. The goal is to raise funds to help underprivileged Polish children in the United States and selected hospices for children in Poland.

The Children's Smile Foundation has opened four separate accounts at our Credit Union, to which we ask you to make donations:

  • Divine Providence Hospice of Orionine Fathers in Wolomin – account no. 1459338
  • Swietlikowo Silesian Hospice for Children Foundation in Tychy - account no. 1459341
  • Salvatorian Hospice Association, John Paul II Hospice in Bielsko Biala - account no. 1459344
  • Children’s Smile Foundation, NYC - account no. 1459329

The "Children's Holiday Smile" campaign began on November 26 and will last through December 31, 2021. We will be grateful for any size donation. Christmas is the best time for help and gifts for underprivileged and sick children. We are convinced that thanks to your generosity, we will once again bring a Christmas smile to many children's faces.

Donate online >>>

To make a deposit, please fill out a special coupon at one of the 21 branches of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union and bring it to the cashier. Deposits can also be made as transfers between accounts using PSFCU Online Banking or the Mobile Banking application (in this case, please enter 'CSF' in the name field and then the appropriate account number).

The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union has been organizing the "Children's Christmas Smile" campaign since 2014. In the course of the previous seven editions, PSFCU members have collected a total of over $834,000, which were sent to 16 hospices in Poland, a hospice in Vilnius and the New York’s Children's Smile Foundation. Details of this year's campaign can be found in 21 branches of our Credit Union, on our social media platforms and at: https://en.psfcu.com/

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