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Open Night - Polish and Slavic Center in New York

November 15, 2019

Open Night - Polish and Slavic Center in New York

November 25th 5:00pm – 7:00pm, at 176 Java St Brooklyn 11222

The Polish and Slavic Center invites you to join us for an open house event, during which all of the representatives of programs being run in the PSC will be providing information about the available curriculum.

This is the perfect opportunity to fi nd out what each program offers in the PSC. Each guest will receive a complimentary refreshments and raffle.

Polish & Slavic Center Your window to the world! 

The Polish & Slavic Center (PSC), it's non-profit social and cultural services organization founded in 1972 with the headquarters in New York City primarily serves the Polish-American community. With about 40,000 members the PSC is the largest Polish-American organization on the East Coast. Without engaging itself politically, the PSC serves the entire Polish and Slavic community.

The idea to establish the Polish & Slavic Center originated in the middle of the 1970s in minds of Reverend Longin Tolczyk, who was working at that time among Polish-American immigrants in New York City and a small group of people around him. These ideas and dreams became a reality when in 1972 the Polish & Slavic Center was formed and in 1977 through the Polish & Slavic Center Rev. Longin Tolczyk formed the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union.

During the next few years, managed by board of directors, the Center grew and developed. Presently the organization has two buildings in Greenpoint, at 177 Kent Street and at 176 Java Street. Currently, the Center receives (annually) sponsorship funds from the City towards programs that provide thousands of services to its members free of charge each year. Additionally, each year, the Center receives new programs that ultimately benefit our members and are provided to them free of charge.

Our outstanding results would not be possible without our members. Each of you have contributed to our success. The Center’s existence depends solely on the support of our members and the annual contributions that enable the Center to provide its programs.

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