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N.Y. Polish Americans Mark 1939 Start Of World War II

September 01, 2008

Members of the Polish American Congress Holocaust Documentation Committee display banner which the PAC’s new Children's unit will carry in New York’s Pulaski Parade on October 5th. The parade honors the Polish general, Casimir Pulaski, who joined George Washington in America’s War of Independence.

The Children of Polish Christian Holocaust Survivors was formed last year as a committee within the Congress to accommodate the requests of Polish Americans who wish to preserve the memory of the tragedy their parents lived through in World War II.
Shown holding the banner are: (from left to right) Michael “Mietek” Madjeski, president of the Polish Veterans Association (SPK and AK) of New York; Bozenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride, a child survivor; Paul Wos, survivor of the Flossenburg concentration camp; Wanda Lorenc, survivor of the Ravensbruck concentration camp; Stefan Rudzinski, war veteran and Andrew Garczynski, survivor of Auschwitz.
Madjeski and Wos are both honored as “Righteous Among the Nation’s” at Israel’s Yad Vashem Memorial.  Mr. Madjeski’s designation was awarded to the Polish Scouting Troop Zoska to which he belonged. The scouts of Zoska liberated the German concentration camp Gesiowka during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and set free the 350 Jews.

Mr. Wos and both his parents are designated as “Righteous” for rescuing 12 Jews during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 and sheltering them until the end of the war.
The Children’s banner was unfurled at ceremonies at St. Ladislaus Church, Hempstead, N.Y. commemorating the 69th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland which launched World War II on September 1, 1939.
“The history of the Holocaust will remain incomplete and inaccurate if the tragedy of Poland’s Christians continues to be excluded,” said

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