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The expedition group: COLCA-CONDOR 2008, was officially represented at a Press Conference in New York at the Explorer’s Club

August 19, 2008

The expedition group: COLCA-CONDOR 2008, was officially represented at a Press Conference in New York at the Explorer’s Club

August 18, 2008. Among the audience were invited guests including the consul of Peru in New York, Mariana Lopeza. Jerzy Majcherczyk, the expedition leader, explained the purpose and plans for the expedition. At the start, he introduced the financial and media sponsors that made the entire expedition possible. Some of the more significant sponsors include the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Classic Travel-Western Union, and Victoria Consulting.

The expedition crew will consist of 12 members, each of which will have a significant and specific role. Marek Pozzi, the geologist, will be in charge of geological, and hydrological measurements. Grzegorz Gaj, Miroslaw Olzycki, and Darek Kmicik will be in charge of filming, using special equipment that will allow them to film in a variety of environments, including underwater.

Pawel Majcherczyk will be responsible for collecting and recording data pertaining to conditions in the canyon. He will use equipment such as a laser range finder, compass, inclinometer, and handheld GPS devices.

Piotr Majcherczyk presented the expedition’s equipment and wear, which they will use for travel and climbing. This presentation allowed guests to see and better comprehend how the expedition will be organized and how the variety of equipment would be used.

Jurek Majcherczyk recognized that this expedition will be risky, so he explained the various safety mechanisms they planned to put into place, including the participation of Piotr, who will be the expedition’s medic and deal with health problems as well as maintaining the food supply.

Explaining the origins of the expedition, Jerzy Majcherczyk frequently referred to his exploration of the Colca Canyon in 1981 and how it exposed this previously-unknown part of Peru to the rest of the world. The Consul of Peru in the USA, Mariano Lopez, acknowledged the Polish contribution to the uncovering of more of Peru’s history.

After the presentation ended, guests were encouraged to inquire individual expedition members or the entire group about the upcoming trip. There were numerous interesting questions and answers, ranging from funding to safety procedures. Guests were also allowed the unique opportunity of having their picture taken with the flag of the Explorer’s Club. As the conference drew to a close, Jurek Majcherczyk stated with confidence that he will find more time for journalism once his newest adventure is concluded, if only to spread the results of the Colca Condor 2008 expedition.

Finally, Jurek concluded by saying farewell to the audience, stating that he will be back in two weeks.

Happy exploring, Colca Condor 2008!

Marcin Skok
(HS Stuyvesant)

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