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Polish survivors lead Holocaust program at Long Island's polish American Museum

November 10, 2007

Former Polish Boy Scout Michael Madejski's account of his experiences during the German occupation of Poland in World War II fascinated the American Boy Scouts who visited the Polish American Museum in Port Washington, N.Y.

Their visit to the Museum was part of "Embracing Our Differences Month" on Long Island in which area museums opened their facilities to local student groups.

Mr. Madejski was a member of the Polish Scout Troop ZOSKA at the time Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.  The scouts were a big help to Poland's underground resistance as couriers and in the sabotage of German military movements.

During the Warsaw Uprising of August 1944, the scouts liberated and set free 350 Jews the Nazis kept captive in a concentration camp in the heart of the city.

For their heroic act, Israel today honors the scouts of ZOSKA as "Righteous Among the Nations" at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

Other Polish survivors telling their story to the visiting scouts and students were Wanda Lorenc, a survivor of the Ravensbruck and Spandau Concentration Camps and Bozenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride whom the Germans forced into slave labor when she was only a child.

Mr. Madejski, Mrs. Lorenc and Mrs. Urbanowicz-Gilbride are members of the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress.

The Polish American Museum is located at 16 Bellevue Avenue in Port Washington, N.Y.

Contact:  Frank Milewski
(718) 263-2700