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Polish Catholics mark Germany's 1939 invasion of Poland and start of WW II

September 06, 2007

A solemn memorial mass was conducted at Holy Cross R.C. Church in Maspeth, New York by Msgr. Peter Zendzian, pastor of the church and chaplain of the Downstate New York Division of the Polish American Congress.

Shown in the photo (from left to right) are: Paul Wos; Michael Preisler; and Michael Madejski as they present a gift of the book, “Forgotten Holocaust—The Poles Under German Occupation 1939-1944” to Wanda Czajka for the library of the John Paul II Polish Supplementary School which is affiliated with Holy Cross Church. Ms. Czajka is assistant director of the school. At Ms. Czajka’s right are Waldemar Kulakowski, member of the school board and Msgr. Zendzian.

Paul Wos and his parents are recipients of the Yad Vashem Medal, “Righteous Among the Nations” awarded by the State of Israel for saving the lives of twelve Jews during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943.

Michael Preisler spent more than three years in Auschwitz as a prisoner of Hitler’s SS. He is co-chair of the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress.

Like Mr. Wos, Michael Madejski is also honored at Israel’s Yad Vashem. During the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, Mr. Madejski fought the Germans along with his scouting troop “Zoska.” During the battle, the boys and girls of the scouting troop liberated a German concentration camp inside Warsaw which held more than 350 Jews as prisoners there. The entire troop is designated as “Righteous” by Israel for their special courage and heroism.

Like Mr. Preisler, Mr. Wos and Mr. Madejski are also members of the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress.

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