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Has everyone forgotten "The rest of the story?"

September 05, 2007

Paul Harvey, one of America's best known radio newsmen, has proven that you never really know the whole story until you know "The Rest of the Story."

His syndicated broadcast bearing that title has demonstrated to his listeners how the introduction of one additional fact they never knew can often give a story an entirely different interpretation.

One of the chief complaints of the Polish American community, specifically the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress, is the failure of the media to give the full story of the ordeal of Poland and the Polish people in World War II.

This time it was the Boston Globe which needed a gentle reminder from the Polish American Congress when opinion columnists Rachel Kaprielian and Alan Dershowitz neglected to present the Polish context of their quote from Adolf Hitler, thus denying their readers "the rest of the story."

This is what the Congress wrote:

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe

Rachel Kaprielian and Alan Dershowitz ("A painful truth," Aug. 18) note that "Adolf Hitler famously said in 1939 upon the commencement of his own 'final solution': 'Who now remembers the Armenians'?"

Less famous, unfortunately, are Hitler's preceding words: "Kill without pity or mercy men, women, and children of Polish descent or language. Only in this way can we obtain the living space we need."

Like Armenians, Polish victims need to have their history and suffering acknowledged.

Charles Chotkowski, Director of Research
Holocaust Documentation Committee
Polish American Congress