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World Business Congress of the Polish Expatriate Community

May 19, 2007

We invite you to participate in the World Business Congress of the Polish Expatriate Community from the 16-18th of June 2007 in Warsaw and Lublin Voivodship

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and the Marshall’s Office in Lublin,  invite you to take part in the World Business Congress of the Polish Expatriate Community on  the  16-18th  of June 2007.

This year’s Congress is focused on the presentation of Polish investments, their potential and on cooperation with enterprises of the Lublin voivodship. We are convinced that this event will be very fruitful, in creating business contacts between Polish firms and those of the Polish expatriate community across the world; and in new business ventures, particularly in the field of new technology.

Poland currently finds itself in a faze of rapid growth of GDP, with record levels of exports and the highest rate of Direct Foreign Investments to date. We also have a specific plan for the supplementary financing of various endeavours, with the Structural Funds of the EU.

We hope that the Polish expatriate community is able to play a significant part in this economic boom. For this purpose PAIiIZ is preparing a program of economic cooperation and is opening a Warsaw Business Centre for the Polish Expatriate Community. The opening of which is forecast during the first day of the Congress.

The Business representatives from the countries where the Polish expatriate community is strongest and the most active will take part in the Congress. We hope that Guests, who represent non Polish business groups, will also take part and  will be encouraged by the Poles living abroad to recognise the advantages of doing business in Poland.

Congress  Information

1. Congress Term: 16 - 18 June 2007 (Saturday - Monday)
2. Congress Location:

  • Warsaw (Sejm, Wiejska Street 4/6/8, main entrance, Kolumnowa Hall, entrance C- 1), 16 June 2007 - Saturday; Registration from: 8.30 am; activities commence: 9.30 am
  • Lublin Voivodship (Lublin, Zamość) – 17 & 18 June 2007 (Sunday, Monday); Return to Warsaw – In the evening;

3. Participation: Participation in the Congress is free
4. Accommodation:

  • Reservations and costs of accommodation in the Lublin Voivodship (17/18 June) will be covered by the organizers
  • Reservations and costs of accommodation in Warsaw (15/16 and 16/17 June), to be met by participants.

    PAIiIZ can arrange reservations at only two hotels in Warsaw; the Hyatt and Radisson SAS, at which discounted accommodation is available for guests of the Congress (prices in the members application card). People requiring reservations at these hotels should make note of this on their Cards.

    Accommodation in other hotels must be made individually. To help, we will present a register and the internet websites of hotels, which offer accommodation during the term of the Congress:   

    Hotel Sheraton, www.sheraton.com; Hotel Polonia Palace, www.poloniapalace.com;
    Novotel, www.orbis.pl/pl/novotel/warszawa/novotel_warszawa_centrum; Maria, www.hotelmaria.pl
    Metropol, www.hotelmetropol.com.pl/index.php?home,eng Dedek Park, www.dedek.pl;
    Tina, www.hoteltina.giorgi.pl

    For specific information regarding the reservation of overnight stay, contact Mrs. Karolina Frątczak tel. +48 22 334-99-72, email: karolina.fratczak@paiz.gov.pl

5. Transport:

Coach travel will be provided by the organisers throughout the whole of the Congress. Guests must make their own traveling arrangements to the opening of the Congress at the Sejm and also to the location of their first night’s stay after the grand dinner at the hotel Victoria, on the first day of the Congress.

Guests must also make the own arrangements to the coaches on Wiejską Street 4/6/8 (opposite the Sejm main entrance), on th second day of the Congress 17 June 2007 (Sunday), prior to traveling to Lublin.

6. Business Meetings:
Participants will be able to take part in business discussions at thematic tables, throughout the Congress, as indicated on the invitation cards.

7. Congress Language:
The congress’ language is Polish, but activities will be translated simultaneously into English. 

The person coordinating the project is Mrs. Hanna Rakowska from PAIiIZ’s Department of Regional Cooperation; e-mail: hanna.rakowska@paiz.gov.pl


I DAY – 16.06.2007 / Saturday

Sejm Building of the Rep. Of Poland Warsaw, 4/6/8 Wiejska Street, entrance C-1 , Kolumnowa Hall

08:30 - 09:30


09:30 - 09:35

Grażyna Sićko – Vice-president of the Board of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. (PAIiIZ)


09:35 - 09:50

Patrick J. Quinn - Deputy governor of the State of Illinois

Bogdan Pukszta - Executive Director Polish American Chamber of Commerce


09:50 -10:05

Piotr Grzegorz Woźniak - Minister of the Economy

The main direction and factors affecting the political economy

10:05 -10:20

Krzysztof Tchórzewski – Deputy Minister of the Economy

Government policy in the realm of securing Poland’s energy requirements, with specific regard for renewable energy, new technology and bio-fuel.

10:20 - 10:35

Zbigniew Olszewski – President of the Polonia Foundation

10:35 -


Adam Struzik – Marshall of the Mazowiecki Voivodship

Regional Local Authorities, partners in international economic cooperation, with the Mazowiecki Voivodship

11:50 -


Jarosław Zdrojkowski – Marshall of the Lublin Voivodship The Lublin Region, open for investment and cooperation with foreign capital and EU funds


Grażyna Sićko – Vice-president of the Board of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. (PAIiIZ).

Program of economic cooperation with the Polish expatriate community. New concept of cooperation. Opening of the Polish Expatriate Community Business Centre


Opening of the Polish Expatriate Community Business Centre – transport of participants to

53 Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych, Warsaw.

+ coffee and tea at the bar – for those remaining at the Sejm for bilateral talks over coffee


Andrzej Hubert Willmann – Aurum Capital Partners, S.A Toronto, Canada

Investing in emerging Europe and following the example of Poland


Silicone Valley IT – A representative of Polonia in the USA


Ryszard Łada: President of the Motorola Board Poland Sp. z o.o. – Experience in economic cooperation in Poland


Lunch – Sejm Building, Hawełka Restaurant


MRR Representative – Operational Program for the Development of Eastern Poland


Professor Ryszard Kozłowski- Kraków Polytechnic

Renewable Energy


Professor Anna Grzybek – Secretary of the Board of Polish Bio-mass.



International Polish cooperation – a chance to broaden profitable economic cooperation. Participant’s presentation: Aleksandra Proscewicz – The Polish Centre in Berlin

Information & promotional activities of „Polonia” in the field of the economy. Opportunities and barriers; Piotr Winiarski „How Polonia can support the spread of Polish goods and services abroad.

WINIARSKI Poland & Germany Consult in Berlin” an open letter





End of the first day’s meetings


Grand dinner in the Hotel Victoria


II DAY – 17.06.2007 /Sunday/ Lublin Voivodship /Lublin/


Travel from Warsaw


Arrival In Lublin


Checking into hotels




Agricultural Academy Building, Congress Centre, 15 Akademicka Street



Inaugerative meeting by the Marshall of the Lublin Voivodship – Jarosława Zdrojkowskiego and the Rector of the Agricultural Academy in Lublin – Prof. Dr. Zdzisława Targońskiego


Thematic Panels, including:

- Innovative projects, scientific -technical opportunities for economic development: Jarosław Momot

President of the board of the Scientific-Technical Park In the Lublin Voivodship S.A;

- Renewable sources of energy in the Lublin region;

- Opportunity for investment in the field of tourism;

- Sectors of great opportunity in the Lublin region;

- The ecological food market;

- R&D support for agriculture.


Sector talks (thematic) with representatives of businesses in the Voivodship of Lublin, that are seeking business partners



Tasting of Regional Dishes as an element of tourist interest, accompanying discussion panels and sector talks


Return to the hotel

Free Time


Viewing the old town of Lublin

Grand dinner



III DAY– 18.06.2007 /Monday/ Lublin Voivodship /in Zamość/




Travel to Zamość



Seminar on the economy & investments with local businessmen from the Zamość region and the local authorities



Tour of the Old City of Zamość






Tour of the biggest furniture factory In Poland Black &Red & White


Return to Warsaw