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Lecture by Professor Mira Creech

April 25, 2007

In conjunction with the exhibit on the Warsaw Uprising at National Louis University, The Polish Museum of America is honored to present a lecture by Professor Mira Creech in English.

Professor Creech will present information on the little known but infamous KL Warschau, a Nazi German Concentration Camp which existed in central Warsaw from October 1942 and whose grisly work (in any given week as many people were exterminated who died on 9/11, except that the camp operated almost two years) was terminated when the Uprising soldiers liberated it.

Professor Mira Creech, born in Warsaw, earned her Masters in History and Education at the University of Warsaw. She obtained a Doctorate in Labor Sociology from the Polish Academy of Sciences. She was lecturer and professor at Georgetown University in East European Studies. She was a translator for the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, the World Bank and the IMF. At the Department of Labor she was an analyst specializing in the Soviet Bloc. Her most recent foray in teaching was from 2003-2005 at the University of Warsaw's Department of Education presenting American Educational methods.

The program, on Thursday, April 26th, will start at 6:30 PM in the Great Hall. At 7:00 PM there will be a presentation of a short documentary on the Uprising using archival footage of both Polish and German cameramen. After the film Professor Creech will present her lecture, to be followed by a question and answer period.

The Polish Museum of America is located at 984 N. Milwaukee Ave (intersection of Augusta and Milwaukee) with free parking to the west
of the building.

The staff of The Polish Museum of America invites everyone interested in the history of World War II and modern Polish History to attend what promises to be an informative and interesting meeting. A goodwill donation will be taken up, and CD's and books will be available for purchase.

Bogdan Wegrzynek
Polish American Youth Chicago