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Kasperski's "Refuge City" @ Tribeca Film Fest

April 18, 2007

The Polish Cultural Institute in New York and The Polish Film Institute in Warsaw invite you to the AMERICAN PREMIERE OF THE REFUGE CITY at 6th TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL with director WOJCIECH KASPERSKI in person

5 screenings, each followed by Q&A with the director:
APRIL 26 – MAY 5, 2007
Thu., April 26, 10:00 PM: AMC Kips Bay (Theater 13), 570 2nd Avenue
(at 32nd St.), NYC 10016
Sat., April 28, 11:00 AM: AMC Village VII (Theater 1), 66 3rd Avenue
(at 11th St.), NYC 10003
Sun., April 29, 1:30 PM: AMC Village VII (Theater 2), 66 3rd Avenue
(at 11th St.), NYC 10003
Tue., May 1, 10:30 PM: AMC Kips Bay (Theater 12), 570 2nd Avenue (at
32nd St.), NYC 10016
Sat., May 5, 1:45 PM: AMC 34th Street (Theater 14), 312 W. 34th St.
(bet’n 8th & 9th Ave), NYC 10001

Tickets: $18 / students, seniors & downtown residents $16, (866) 941-FEST (3378), tickets@tribecafilmfestival.org , more information

Additionaly: Kasperski’s widely acclaimed short film
The Seeds (2005, 27 min.)
Galapagos 70 N. 6th Street, bet’n Kent & Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211, tel. 718 782-5188

In a grand tradition launched at the world-renowned Lodz Film School in Poland by the student and diploma films of such directors as Polanski and Kieslowski, a current student – Wojciech Kasperski has already won acclaim at festivals worldwide for two of his short films. The latest, The Refuge City (Miasto ucieczki, 2006, 18 min.) was selected for the Student Short Film Competition at the 6th Tribeca Film Festival, and is being screened 5 times as part of the program ”Desperate Measures” (7 films, 104 min.).

This narrative short is an evocative study of male bonding and machismo in the context of an urban alienation from which only the soccer leagues offer refuge, yet with a constant risk of that machismo and alienation igniting a soccer riot. A brilliant
integration of dramatization and archival footage from an a tual incident in the Manchester-like industrial city of Lodz in 2004, when riot police fired into a violent post-game melee between rival fans on the university campus.

Wojciech Kasperski’s presence for Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival as well as the screening at Galapagos are made possible by the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, and the Polish Film Institute in Warsaw

Please also note: The Third New York Polish Film Festival runs May 9 - 13, 2007. For complete information visit: www.nypff.org