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48th International Convention - POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA

April 04, 2007

48th International Convention - POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA

On May 13, 1889, at a time when Poland did not appear on the map of Europe, The Polish Singers Alliance of America was established to spread and maintain Polish culture through song, to acquaint the Polish people and the general public of the United States with the works of Polish composers, and to foster throughout the United States, with the help of Polish song, a sincere love for the land of our Polish forefathers.

48th International Pre-Convention Committee, 7 Norwood Court, Staten Island, NY 10304
Tel. 718-720-6089, psaa48pcc@aol.com

For 117-years, the PSAA's mission has been carried out by member choruses in localities extending from California and Arizona in the Wes, across the Midwest, along the Eastern seabord and now, Norh into Canada.

Our District Seven is the host of the 48th (triennial) International Colvention which will be held at the Marriot Hotel in Albany, NY during Memorial week-end of this year, from May 24th to the 27th.