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The Kosciuszko Foundation Helps Ukraine with $250,000 for Refugees

Marek Skulimowski, Alex Storożyński
March 07, 2022

The Kosciuszko Foundation Helps Ukraine with $250,000 for Refugees
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As Russia’s bombing of Ukraine intensifies, the Kosciuszko Foundation is stepping up its assistance for women & children fleeing for their lives. Thank you for your donations which so far have reached $250,000. But we can’t stop now. Please share this appeal with others.

KF President Marek Skulimowski has been working on the Polish/Ukrainian border since the first day of Russia’s invasion. Nearly 2 million Ukrainians have already fled their country, and more are leaving their battered homes with only what they can carry.

Putin is facing charges of war crimes at the Hague for attacks on nuclear power plants and civilians trying to escape. The Russian army is acting more barbaric each day.

Millions of Ukrainians are making their way towards Poland. The need for help grows with each bomb that falls. The KF has been documenting its efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ukrainians are saying goodbye to their mothers, sisters, and daughters as their fathers, brothers, and sons stay to fight for their homeland.

Smaller donations lead to larger donations, so please give what you can.

Alex Storozynski
Chairman of the Board
The Kosciuszko Foundation



Kosciuszko Foundation

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Founded in 1925, the Kosciuszko Foundation promotes closer ties between Poland and the United States through educational, scientific and cultural exchanges. It awards up to $1 million annually in fellowships and grants to graduate students, scholars, scientists, professionals, and artists, and promotes Polish culture in America. The Foundation has awarded scholarships and provided a forum to Poles who have changed history.