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Join "Polish American 1000"

Dear Fellow Polish Americans, I am writing to invite you to join me and other proud Polish-Americans to be a part of a national campaign called "Polish American 1000". The goal of this limited-time campaign is to recognize 1,000 Polish Americans from across the United States who stand-up in solidarity and contribute $100 in order to support the Polish American Congress, our top Polish American advocacy organization for Poland to continue its good work.

To be one of the Polish American 1000, click this link https://pac1944.org/important-news/polish-americans-1000-campaign/

The mission of the Polish American Congress is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Poland and the United States by proposing and influencing legislation under consideration by Congress on both issues affecting Poland and those affecting the region, like NATO and the Three Seas Initiative.

Why is Polish Americans 1,000 necessary today? Though convinced that the United States and Poland have been partners in freedom since the American and Polish democratic revolutions of the late 18th century, many proud Polish Americans stopped contributing money to the Polish American Congress (PAC) at the beginning of the 21st century. They did so because it appeared that Poland no longer needed an advocacy organization to persuade United States governmental officials and American public opinion that a strong and truly sovereign Poland helped to protect America's national security interests in East Central Europe.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine changed all of this. The Polish American 1000 fundraising campaign aims to encourage patriotic Polish Americans to contribute to the PAC in today's political context, which unambiguously is marked by the effort of Putin's Kremlin to reestablish the Russian empire and make autocracy prevail over democracy. Today, the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS is more necessary than ever before. Moreover, policymakers in the future are likely to give more careful consideration to advice from the PAC. Many on Capitol Hill remember that the PAC and the Central and East European Coalition, established in 1994, of which the PAC is the largest member organization, relentlessly challenged official propaganda of success thinking on Russia -- the view held by many American policymakers that the Russian Federation was on the road to democracy.

Your contribution to POLISH AMERICAN 1000 will help to stop the Kremlin's nefarious project, and show your support for the PAC's early correct analysis of the Kremlin's intention to restore the Russian Empire. For Poles and Polish Americans this means the disappearance of Poland from the map as after the January 1863 Uprising when the Tsarists renamed Poland Vistulaland. Moreover, the PAC continues to call Congressional attention to the sad and dangerous fact that Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian Orthodox fanatic and valued adviser of Putin, has threatened Warsaw with incineration by nuclear weapons at least a dozen times since former President Lech Kaczynski vigorously condemned the Russian invasion of Georgia and predicted that if the West does NOT stop Putin then Ukraine, the Baltic States, and Poland will be next on the Kremlin's list of territories to be conquered so the Tsarist Empire may be restored.

The PAC influences legislation under consideration by Congress on NATO and the THREE SEAS INITIATIVE (the project to bring economic infrastructure in the lands between the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Seas up -to -the -standards in Western Europe and West Central Europe, Germany, and Italy). This will prevent that important area between the three seas from again falling under Russian economic and political control.

The PAC acts alone to refute charges by some members of Congress that Poland is backsliding on democracy and has not fulfilled her obligations on World War II legacy issues. Please see the articles attached below on these important topics.

Please visit the PAC website to learn more about the PAC.

Enlist today in Polish Americans 1,000 and put your Polish pride into action by showing that America and Poland are partners in freedom.

POLISH AMERICAN 1000 is an opportunity for Polish Americans who already are involved in the Polish American community, and for those who never have been involved, to take a step forward and show their Polish pride."

Joseph Mikolaj Rej Jr.
PAC National Vice President for Financial Development