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The International Art Competition: "Children Paint Peace on Earth"

Adrianna Szmigiel     May 02, 2023

The International Art Competition: "Children Paint Peace on Earth"
Mrs Svitlana Salamatova, Adrianna Szmigiel, Princess Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha and Mr ​J​acek Charko

The ceremonial inauguration of the edition of the international art competition "Children Paint Peace on Earth" at the High School of the Educational Society Vizja in Warsaw.

On 13th of April at 10 o’clock, Princess Angelika Jaroslawska Sapieha- International Peace Ambassador, philanthropist, initiator of "One Mine One Life" global campaign and movement for a mine-free world, head of the board of Geopolitical Alliance of Women and initiator of the international art contest “Children Painting Peace on Earth” and Svitlana Salamatova- President of Geopolitical Alliance of Women, women leader from Ukraine, humanitarian and Head of Independent Delegation of Ukrainian Women to the United Nations visited Te Vizja International High School in Warsaw on Okopowa 59 street.

Ms. Svitlana and Princess Angelika just recently came back from the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where they attended the gatherings at the General Assembly as the leaders of the delegation. Princess Angelika organized the special Parallel Event during the NGOCSW Forum assisting the Commission on the Status of Women, attended by the representatives of the United Nations, diplomats and many international humanitarians. Svitlana Salamativa in the name of the delegation had a speech at the General Assembly in the presence of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Svitlana Salamatova and Princess Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha

The leading theme of the event was the value of peace, humanitarian aid and equal access to education and its overriding value. During the event there was an exhibition of children's paintings from Poland, Ukraine and Romania.

Every student who took part in the “ children painting peace on earth’’ project received a special certificate from Princess Angelika and Svitlana Salamatova.

The works of Vizja’s primary school and high school students were shown in the UN during the event organized by Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha: "Young Change Makers - Future Moral Leaders with the Global Goals Spirit" as part of the NGOCSW Forum accompanying the sessions of the Commission for affairs on the Status of Women in the UN.

Bruno Szymanowicz provided the guests with school supplies for children from the Ukraine, which students have been collecting for the past weeks preparing for the visit, as a sign of support of the kids in need. Children had an unrepeatable chance to ask Princess Angelika and Svitlana Salamatova questions.

An interesting discussion developed from asked questions and words of thanks to our guests for their incredible devotion to help Ukraine from Ukrainian school students.

YAROVA band’s spectacular performance ended the event. YAROVA seemed to have earned many new fans from our primary school audience, as the students ended up begging for one more song at the end.

I, Adrianna Szmigiel, the event organizer and guardian of the Polish edition of the competition "Children Paint Peace on Earth" , whose speech was presented as part of the event "Young Change Makers - Future Moral Leaders with the Global Goals Spirit" during the NGOCSW Forum accompanying the session of the Commission for affairs on the Status of Women in the United Nations and a representative of Te Vizja high school, am incredibly grateful to Princess Angelika and Svitlana Salamatova’s for finding time to visit the school and speak with the children. I deeply believe that their speeches gave us (students) a lot of hope for the future and courage to fight against cruelty, because as Princess Angelika said even small acts, like participation in the “Children Painting Peace on Earth’’ project is a sign of support and makes us (children) Young Change Makers.

Lastly, I would like to distinguish all those who decided to help in organizing this event. The Headmaster of Te vizja international high school- Mr. Jacek Charko, Ms. Małgorzata Byca- Depiuty Head and IB Program Coordinator, President of the School Council- Maja Wołoszyn, Jan Stelmach the co-incroducer, Milana Gasanova, Oliwia Sikorska, Aleksandra Kalitowicz, Bruno Szymanowicz, Aleksandra Cabaj, Agata Malczewska, Karim Kopanski, Maciej Jastrzebski, Barbara Przybysz and, of course, President of Te Vizja Educational Society Schools- Marzena Godlewska for her support and trust that she has given me to let me organize this event.