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Vienna Opera Ball 2024 - Lady R Society Papers

Roberta S. Langer     February 15, 2024

Vienna Opera Ball 2024 - Lady R Society Papers
Princess Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha at the Vienna Opera Ball. Photo: Roberta S. Langer

World-renowned and most desired ball - Vienna Opernball once again showed its charm. Who sparkled this year, mostly? On February 8, 2024, another Vienna Opernball was written in history.

The Vienna Opera Ball at the Staatsoper Opera (State Opera House) is the most important ball during the Vienna ball season. Known from the history of the ton, illustrious guests, tons of flowers, and, of course, debutantes putting their first steps into the society, the ball became not only the annual celebration but also the brightest symbol of the beautiful card of the history of Viennese tradition.

The ball dates back to the mid-XIX century. For many years, it's been dedicated to social and humanitarian purposes.

Today, the debutantes are still deriving a great benefit from their debut at the ball - the fabulous soiree is preceded by weeks of preparations, while the debutantes not only learn how to dance but improve their talents, manners, like respect for culture, history, and tradition or get inspired from the mentors. They also often build life-long friendships. It doesn’t change that some of them might be frightened out of their senses when they finally enter the ballroom with all eyes on them and a few million people watching them in front of their televisions. Life is too short to go short.

Vienna Opera -ball red carpet. Photo: Roberta S. Langer

As a veteran of the ball, I can assure you that what is still most interesting for the Modern Lady Whistleton is WHO appeared at the ball and HOW well they appeared there. This year undoubtedly belonged to the ladies from different parts of the globe and fields. Oh, what an appearance it was!

One of the ladies was undoubtedly Priscilla Presley, whose presence at the ball proved she knew how to make an effect. She looks even more radiant in real life than in her photos and videos. But while many admired her ageless beauty and light figure, she also effectively promoted her new film “Priscilla.”

Last year, the star of the night was Jane Fonda. As a fan of Jane Fonda, I must say that I have always greatly respected her protests against the war in Vietnam. I think that war is the worst thing on Earth, and undoubtedly, it takes women to change the course of history, written almost always by men.

One of the ladies who sparkled mostly at the Vienna Opera Ball was undoubtedly Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha. The ball season’s unwritten rule concentrates on those who made their illustrious debut. And while Her Serene Highness Princess Angelika is well known around the globe for her cultural engagements, humanitarian work, and dedication as a Peace Ambassador and initiator of the “OneMine One Life” campaign against landmines, in Vienna Opera, she enchanted everyone with her appearance in the first seconds much as if she was a diamond of the season, when she entered the red carpet. It was quickly proven by the eyes, all eyes, I should say - concentrated on her elegance and genuine smile.

Princess Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha at the Vienna Opera Ball. Photo: Roberta S. Langer

I would not be myself if I didn’t notice her splendid gown and precious stone on her neck, a precious red ruby surrounded by diamonds and pearls. What a necklace! The stone was fire-red with pink undertones. We could have seen our President and First Lady of Austria on the red carpet, as well as many significant guests, stars, and artists.

Lili Paul Roncalli at the Vienna Opera Ball. Photo: Roberta S. Langer

Every year, the red carpet is filled with various media from all over the world. As an observatory, but a very conscious and quite demanding observatory, I can only add that it is a great comfort indeed to see that nowadays the ladies who became the most exciting personalities at this significant Ball are most of all the ones whose value is laying in their actions, personal dedication and goals. Most of all, they are unafraid to stand for what is right.

Women leaders are also the women empowerers. If we let ourselves be empowered, we will be empowered one day. When I saw Priscilla Presley, I thought I had to use my voice more and stand up for higher purposes. When I saw Princess Angelika at the ball, I thought that there was a role model of a female leader from whom I could gain inspiration. When I heard her conversations with the media, I was glad to be assured that modern princesses are making the world a better place.

Yours, Lady R.
Roberta S. Langer

Nadine Mirada at the Vienna Opera Ball. Photo: Roberta S. Langer