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Human Identity by Christopher Vened - one man show performed in Hollywood by a Polish actor.

January 07, 2014

Los Angeles Premiere of a One Man Show entitled Human Identity written and performed by Christopher Vened

Christopher Vened goes on a quest to figure out the meaning of human identity because he still does not know who he is. And you don’t know who you are either. Conceived in the rare formula of a monodrama theatre combines words and mime.

The Los Angeles-based writer and performer Christopher Vened brings his inventive, funny and eye-opening work to The Lounge Theatres.

In the 70s and early 80s, Vened was a leading an actor in The Wroclaw Pantomime Theater of Henryk Tomaszewski and played leading roles in shows that dazzled the world. In the end of 1981 he defected to the West while on tour in West Germany because martial law was declared in Poland. Since then he has lived in the West--first in West Berlin for two and a half years until finally settling in the United States. Mind you, it is hard not to see that he became a citizen of the world and an international artist. Whether here or there, he has always been involved in the work of theater: directing, teaching, and performing. And here is the through line: theater is a country without borders.

He is the author of the acting book In Character: An Actor’s Workbook for Character Development. Part I of this book “Identity” inspired him to create the one-man show HUMAN IDENTITY.

An Excerpt from Human Identity:

“The subject of my show is human identity--I want to finally figure it out. I have lived sixty-one years in this mortal world and still don't know who I am. Not really. Not entirely. And you don't know who you are either. Not really. Not entirely. No one knows it entirely but eventually the creator who made us. But he or she or it, whoever the creator is, does not let us to know the secret of creation. It is unfair! If I knew how I was made, I would know who I am. Why does the creator keep us in darkness? Maybe the creator is dead. It is a popular notion. Whether the creator is dead or not, he behaves as such. Therefore, we have no other choice but to figure out the secret of creation on our own. So I will! I will quest and probe until I find out who I am. I know, I know that the chances to succeed in this quest are pretty slim; all those who went before me have failed. What if I fail too? Well, so I fail. But at least I will find something if not everything about human nature. But if I succeed? If I succeed I will be like a god who knows everything.”

Sundays only at 7.00 pm
from January 5th till February 9th, 2014

The Lounge Theatres
6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

Tickets are available now via Plays411
Reservations: (323) 960-5773