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Polish Startup Praised in Silicon Valley for the First Application Connecting Influencers and Business - Instise

Sarah Margunson     April 28, 2022

Polish Startup Praised in Silicon Valley for the First Application Connecting Influencers and Business - Instise

Instise - the platform which allows business and brands ambassadors to create fruitful cooperations which are secure for both sides. The system allows users of all kinds of smartphones to create influencer campaigns, which are later matched with proper accounts for the best outcome quality. System hit the market at the beginning of 2022.

The platform is solving the problem of finding high-quality brand ambassadors, securing the deal, and taking care of the quality of the outcome.

Polish startup praised in Silicon Valley

Instise was praised by Silicon Valley by winning polish startup competition run by Warsaw SGH University. Founders will spend 4 weeks on the West Coast working with top startup minds on bringing the product to the new level.

Instise is creating new standards on the way how influencer marketing boosts the business.

Instise interviewed hundreds of influencers, asking them about the challenges connected with their job. Pretty often communication with the business was handled via email. Long discussions, lots of threads, unclear payment terms. Finding new opportunities was also a thing, which some of the creators finds hard. Especially less experienced ones. Instise brings clear terms about the date, scope, media details, and the payments. Everything is known before parties start cooperation. There are no surprises.

From the business perspective, the platform allows an easy start with influencer marketing without any knowledge in this field. Creating a campaign for the product is straightforward. After indicating the kind of product, putting a description and a price campaign is basically ready. Instise, based on the campaign criteria is matching it with matching influencers. Later, the business sees the list of people who wants to cooperate and can choose the ones he likes the most. Instise monitors influencer accounts and checks their quality - detecting fake followers and accounts which are putting too many advertisements.

Instise constantly monitors the influencer marketing market, talking with companies and marketing agencies. Based on the feedback platform constantly introduces new functionalities covering the working flows. Its focus is on the speed and security of the transactions.

Who can use Instise? Basically everybody.

Instise focuses on 2 kinds of markets. A mobile platform is an answer for small and mid-size businesses who are starting with influencer marketing and don't want to spend money working with marketing agencies. They can add their products campaigns without any fee, match with influencers fulfilling their criteria, and finalise the terms of the deal inside the app. They can exchange addresses, post/story details, and upload content for acceptance.

Instise handles large businesses by delegating a consultant to lead the campaign. The mobile platform is used as an addition in this case.

The platform was founded by two engineers from Warsaw and Kraków. They have seen the need for such a tool during running their own businesses. Both with significant experience in business and also technology came up with an idea of how to automate and secure processes in influencer marketing.

The influencer marketing industry was forecast to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021. This is according to the latest Influencer marketing benchmark report from Influencer Marketing Hub. That’s up from just $4.1 billion since last year. The market size has grown steadily year on year, but this year is the biggest jump. The data shows that 80% of consumers have purchased something via an influencer recommendation. Influencer marketing isn’t just about brand recognition, it can lead directly to sales. If the product is right, consumers are willing to click through the links on posts and make a purchase. (Source: Rakuten)