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How To Make A U-turn After Finding Out Your Current Career Is Wrong For You

Artur Meyster
March 08, 2021

How To Make A U-turn After Finding Out Your Current Career Is Wrong For You

The American dream is to become filthy rich with a successful career path planned out. For some people, having a family and a good relationship with friends is part of this dream. To make this dream a reality, you have to work hard and be good at what you do. Few people are fortunate enough to come from rich families that give them the financial push they need to boost their careers. People who don't have this luxury have to work their way up from the bottom. So, what happens if you're halfway up and discover that your current career path isn't the right one for you? Will you keep going or will you take a U-turn?

Making a U-turn From Your Current Career

There is no timeline when it comes to getting your dream job. For some people, their first real job is their last while some others will have to change careers multiple times before they find the one that fits. Irrespective of your current situation, changing your career isn't going to be easy. You might have to learn a whole new set of skills before you dive into something new but it's always worth it if you'll get what you want in the end. The tips below will help you make the necessary moves for a dramatic career change.

1. Talk to Your Loved Ones

Most times, we stick to jobs we don't like because we don't want to disappoint our loved ones. If you have people who depend on you every day, you must talk to them before you make any sudden career changes. Your partner needs to be fully aware of your displeasure with your job since they will have to carry more load when you quit. If your partner supports your decision, the next steps will be much easier.

2. Make Sure You Hate Your Career, Not Your Job

If you're unhappy with your work, one of two things could be responsible. On one hand, you may just hate your boss, co-workers, or the unfair working environment. On the other hand, you're not finding any fulfillment or excitement from your career. In the first instance, changing careers might be an extreme option. You should consider looking for a new job in the same sector or something similar. In this case, you'll not need to revamp your skills to get a new job. In the second instance, changing your career entirely might be the only way to find what you need. Just make sure you're certain before you make any rash moves.

3. Boost Your Tech Skills

Everyone knows that "tech is the new everything" these days. If you want to dive into the technology industry, you can learn as much as you can from a reliable bootcamp like Computersciencehero.com. If you have an artistic eye, you should consider learning a graphic design skill. If you have love for engineering, you can become a mobile app or web developer. The good thing about the tech sector is that there is an opportunity to grow and there is a lot of money to be made now and in the future.

4. Look for A New Job

The longer you stay unemployed, the more challenges you'll face getting a new job. Having large time blanks in your resume isn't going to help you in the long run. So, if possible, don't quit your job until you have a new one. You can use all the job directories at your disposal to look for an alternative before you quit. If you have to quit before you get a new job, look for a way to cut down on expenses, and generate passive income. As long as you have money for your daily needs, you'll not rush into another wrong career path.


Career changes are never easy but they may be necessary if you're not comfortable or happy with what you're currently doing. It's essential to take time out to plan your next move after you're certain that you want to change careers. When you devote time to learning a new skill, you'll enjoy the benefits long-term. Don't allow initial material satisfaction to prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. It should not be all about the money.