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The May 13th Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair

May 12, 2020

The May 13th Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair

Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee, The Child Center for New York, the Council for Airport Opportunity, the New York State Police Department*, Queens Centers for Progress, the U.S. Census Bureau, WATCH GUARD 24/7 and Workforce1 have announced a second Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 2:00 PM to connect Queens job seekers to employment opportunities in essential industries.

A live stream of the Jobs Recruitment Fair will be available on this web page. Prospective applicants interested in participating must RSVP at www.queensbp.org/rsvp by Tuesday, May 12 at 2:00 PM.


*Since the announcement of the Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair, the New York State Police Department announced it has suspended trooper recruitment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The May 13th Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair program is as follows:

  • Introductions: Presented by Borough President Lee
  • Airport Opportunities: Presented by Verdia Noel, Director of Business Development at the Council for Airport Opportunity
    • Hiring now: Approximately 150 positions across Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in retail, food service, security, transportation, storage and maintenance and more.
  • Retail/Service Opportunities: Presented by Nancy Konipol, Senior Community Relations Manager, and Christine Nunez, Site Lead Account Manager, at Queens Workforce1 Career Center
    • Hiring now: Approximately 50 positions in grocery retail, insurance, sales, marketing and transportation 
  • Healthcare Opportunities: Presented by Angela Regalado, Recruitment Account Manager at Workforce1
    • Hiring now: Approximately 50 positions in nursing, respiratory therapy, social work, laboratory services and home health services.
  • Industrial/Transportation Opportunities: Presented by Sarah Tapia, Community Partner Coordinator at Workforce1
    • Hiring now: Approximately 40 positions in warehousing, delivery services, carpentry and electrical services.
  • Child Development Opportunities: Presented by Shoshana Cheddie, Recruitment Coordinator at The Child Center of New York
    • Hiring now: Approximately 130 positions in teaching, tutoring, psychiatry, peer advocacy and custodial services.
  • Personal Support Opportunities: Presented by Michael Jenkins, Assistant Director of Human Resources at Queens Centers for Progress
    • Hiring now: 14 positions in supportive services assisting adults with developmental disabilities.
  • 2020 Census Opportunities: Presented by Jennifer Dublin, Assistant Regional Census Manager at the U.S. Census Bureau’s New York Regional Census Center
    • Hiring now: Census takers, clerks, recruiting assistants and Census field supervisors.
  • Security Opportunities: Presented by John Rafferty, CEO, and Frances Velazquez, Director of Human Resources & Corporate Compliance, at Watch Guard 24/7
    • Hiring now: Approximately 12 security guard positions.
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