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Ella Business Center in New York - COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

Robert Luc, Ella Business
March 26, 2020

Ella Business Center in New York - COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

Dear Ella Business Center Customers, As the global impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, both our customers’ success and employees’ well-being are paramount. We recognize that our service is mission critical to your business success and providing best-in-class service to our customers is our top priority.

WE ARE OPEN and fully operational even if we will be forced to work remotely. We want to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.


On a blank sheet of paper put your name or name of your business, telephone number and your email. Scan this page and a copy of your ID and all your documents needed for tax return and email them to office@ellaholding.com. Download GENIUS SCAN to your smart phone. Free and very easy to use app.

We will process your data and Thomas will call you to discuss the details and final results.
You will sign documents electronically by EchoSign. Your Income Tax Return can be sent to you by e-mail so you can print it yourself or it will printed out in our office and you can come and pick it up or we will deliver by United States Postal Service.

Invoice could be paid directly from your Bank Account by Zelle. All major Banks providing this service for free. Payments with your name and invoice number should be sent to: office@ellaholding.com.

If you need an assistance call Robert at 718 386-4227.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

When calling this company, please reference POLISH PAGES.

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