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Envelo enables users to send paper mail to addresses in Poland even from abroad

April 03, 2014

Envelo is a Polish Post Office platform developed to enable purchasing postal services over the internet. It was created in response to customers’ demand for interactive and mobile sales system. With Envelo users can send a letter or a postcard through the Polish Post from anywhere in the world. The platform also makes it possible to purchase postal stamps.

Envelo allows customers to send over the internet letters and postcards, which will then be delivered to the addressee in paper form, including the envelope. Customers can also purchase through Envelo postal stamps in various denominations. These services are available for both individual customers and businesses.

Polish Post Office also for Polish communities abroad

- The products offered through the Envelo platform are available at any place with internet access. Our services are also targeted at overseas users, especially Polish communities abroad. Through Envelo they may keep in touch with families in Poland and safely send documents or letters to the offices and legal representatives - says Grzegorz Swidwinski , President of the Polish Post Digital Services company, which is responsible for implementing e-services in Polish Post Capital Group.

Currently there are two services available through the Envelo platform dedicated to users residing beyond Polish borders and wishing to send paper correspondence to Poland. What is important, both services guarantee delivery to any place in Poland from just 1.99 PLN.

Neokartka (Neocard), or postcard sent over the internet. Envelo enables users to send a greeting card or holiday postcards from any place in the world and the recipient will receive it directly to a traditional mailbox. This is a convenient solution for people living abroad. They can send a postcard to relatives and friends in Poland without incurring high charges for international delivery. The service is available worldwide. It does not matter if users send correspondence from London, Chicago or Buenos Aires. Sending Neocard, users can input their own text or use default greetings with Polish characters.

Neolist (Neoletter) is a service through which you can send a letter by e-mail, and the recipient will receive it in paper form. Just type your letter online or attach a file in PDF format. The product is also designed for users residing abroad. By using Neoletter Polish residents from all over the world, including such exotic locations like Madagascar or missions in Africa, can freely and cheaply, in comparison with international mail services, send letters to family or offices in Poland. Envelo, thanks to the encryption and automatic printing and enveloping process, guarantees the confidentiality of correspondence.

Envelo allows also to send correspondence between different countries. Polish residents living, for example, in Aberdeen or Saint Petersburg may not correspond through Envelo both with their relatives in Poland and living abroad, for example in Qatar.

In future Envelo intends to introduce services that enable electronic transmission of letters with legally recognized and binding electronic signature (equivalent to official postal stamp). The plan is to introduce registered electronic letter which will be the electronic equivalent of a traditional registered letter. An interesting solution for people who reside outside Polish borders will be a servicewhich will enable users to receive electronically letters sent to indicated address in Poland.

From your smartphone to the mailbox

Envelo is also an application for smartphones and tablets. It allows customers to send Neocards from anywhere in the world and to many recipients. The user can select the Neocard from ready-made designs included in application or take a photo and convert it into an original postcard. This option allows users to set GPS coordinates of place, from which postcard is sent.

- The app for smartphones and tablets is a must for all modern services. Customers want to have unfettered access to the products, which means they want to use them at any time and any place. Thanks Envelo they can send greetings from holiday or from family visit with their photographs attached - says Grzegorz Swidwinski.

The app works with iOS and Android - you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. Two languages versions, Polish and English, allow easy accesibility for all members of the Polish communities abroad and their families.

The suite of Envelo services available on smartphones and tablets will gradually grow. Already, the platform allows to send Neoletter or Neocard, as well as purchase Neostamp. In future Envelo will handle the sending of invoices and scanning and archiving of documents. Ultimately Envelo and its mobile version will include all the e-services of the Polish Post.

Daniel Witowski
rzecznik prasowy