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Offer for your business from PSFCU

March 01, 2014

We go beyond basic processing to help you make transactions easier, faster, safer and more valuable to your bottom line.

Polish & Slavic FCU makes it easy for you to offer customers a wide variety of payment options - from credit cards and debit cards, to gift cards and checks. Polish & Slavic FCU has partnered with First Data®, a global technology and electronic payments leader, to offer you the latest in affordable payment processing solutions to meet today's consumer demands.

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network and American Express® - all organized onto one statement.*
  • Quick access to your account anywhere, anytime with Online Reporting.
  • Choose from a wide variety of advanced credit card processing technology including wireless, Internet and PC-based options.
  • Innovative payment options for credit cards, pin-based debit, gift cards, electronic check acceptance and more.

Credit Card Processing
Offer your customers more payment options by accepting credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network, American Express®, Diners Club® and JCB®.

Debit Cards
Personal Identification Number (PIN) based and signature based debit transactions are the fastest growing form of electronic payment. This method of payment is convenient for your customers and offers you reduced fraud, faster checkout times and higher ticket averages.

Accepting cards is easy for you and your customer with First Data's innovative merchant card processing solutions. Whether you need a wireless solution or one integrated with your PC, we have the equipment to help your business.

Gift Cards
Build your brand and increase your sales with gift cards. Gift cards bring in new customers and gift card customers tend to spend more than just the value of the gift card.

Electronic Check Conversion
Minimize returned checks by turning a paper check into an electronic purchase at the point of sale using TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance®. Electronic checks are deposited directly into your account within 48 hours.

eCommerce Solutions
Whether it's a standard dial-up, high-speed IP or wireless terminal, we provide the most-advanced equipment available. Our software solutions make it easy for you to accept electronic payments over the Internet.

Transaction Security
The security of the Chargeback Defense System is one of the industry’s most accurate for processing chargeback investigations.

For more information on payment processing services, contact your local branch or call our First Data representative, Mr. Adam Bobowicz at 1-732-325-7975.

Merchant Services is available through First Data. The above information is provided by First Data.