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Folk Group Announces Sale of Unique Polish Holiday Delicacy - SEKACZ

November 20, 2014

As part of its ongoing effort to educate Mahoning Valley resident on Poland’s colorful traditions, Polish Youngstown is taking orders for the unique sękacz cake. Orders accepted November 18 - Dec 7, 2014.

Sometimes called a Tree Cake, the sękacz was introduced and gain popularity during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the late 14th Century. It is recognized by the Poles as a regional specialization of the Podlasie region in the eastern borderland.

This incredible, extra rich pound cake is distinctive in both taste and shape. The thick batter contains more than 40 eggs making it luscious and long lasting. It is recognizable for its distinctive conical, pine tree shape obtained from its manner of baking. The batter is systematically poured in layers onto a rotary spit in an oven or over a very hot wood-burning fire. This painstaking process continues over a period of more than 10 hours.


As it bakes, it develops spikey forms that look like branches. When it’s done, it stands vertically, the hollow center filled with flowers or decorations. The cake is served by slicing it horizontally to reveal the “growth rings” like those in a tree trunk. This delicious cake can be drizzled with icing or chocolate, but most often is enjoyed plain. In ancient times, sękacz was only baked for holidays or weddings because it was so expensive and time consuming to make.

As a special Christmas treat, PolishYoungstown will be importing these delicious delicacies from one of only a handful of U.S. bakeries to benefit their children’s programming and scholarship fund.

Costs are:

  • $15 for the 4” approx 1 lb cake.
  • $30 for the 8” approx 2 lb cake.
  • $60 for the 16” approx 4 lb cake.

Order forms are available online at polishyoungstown.org

Make checks payable to “Polish Youngstown Inc”.
Mail to: P.O. Box 684, Youngstown OH, 44501-0684

Out of town shipping is available. Appropriate charges will apply.

Local Pick-up dates:
Sunday, December 7 at 4PM at the Brier Hill Cultural Center 149 Jefferson St, Youngstown, OH 44510
Wednesday, December at 5:30-9 PM at Polish Happy Hour at Christopher’s Downtown, City Centre One-Lower Level 100 Federal Plaza East

For more information call 330-333-9724 or email info@polishyoungstown.com

Aundrea Cika Heschmeyer

Sękacz (seng-kach) cake is a popular event cake from eastern Poland that is incredible in taste and shape. Its thick, rich batter contains 40 or 50 eggs and it is baked by pouring ladles full of batter onto a rotary spit in open oven or over a very hot wood-burning fire. As the batter bakes, it forms what look like branches. It is rotated over and over again for 10 hours. When it’s done, you stand it up vertically so that all the “branches” stick out and slice it horizontally to see the “tree rings.” In the old days, sękacz was only baked for holidays and weddings because of the time and expense to make. Get your own tasty cake! We bring it in fresh from one of only a handful of such bakeries in the US.