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Who Needs Medical and Legal Expertise after an Car Accident?

Dariusz J. Nasiek, MD - Accident Related Therapy & Pain Management
January 18, 2021

Who Needs Medical and Legal Expertise after an Car Accident?

Allied Neurology and Interventional Pain Practice, is a specialized institution dealing with patients injured during car accidents and during accidents in and outside of work. Our specialized doctors and medical staff ensure that each patient receives the appropriate amount of care they require most during those critical moments after such accidents.

At first, patients who go through such accidents may often not have any symptoms of pain. However, a visit to the doctor is critical regardless of the amount of pain present in order to determine whether the injured person has suffered any internal injuries or spinal damage.

In most cases, such early action of going to the proper specialist early on gives the patient better results throughout the treatment process.

The doctors at our Pain Treatment Clinic offer the best solution. A primary consult will determine any damage that may require specialized treatment. Such treatment depends on the type, place, and extent of damaged tissues, muscles, nerves or organs. After this consult, the patient will be referred to the correct specialist – in most cases the neurologist, neurosurgeon, or orthopedic surgeon.

The most important thing for a patient to do after an accident is to immediately consult an experienced doctor who deals with accident treatment and subsequently with a lawyer specializing in accident injuries. The best case scenario is to seek out a medical specialist who already works with lawyers. Not only can this doctor be a medical expert and expert witness, but they can also lead the treatment, write a medical expertise regarding the treatment, and testify on the treatment at trial.

Such medical-legal expertise reports should contain information on the entire treatment process, the procedures performed, and the prognosis after treatment. The success of a case in the court of law depends highly on the combination of the skill of the lawyer and complete documentation of the entire medical process. Only in the case of documented permanent loss of one’s health can a patient be granted compensation. Such documentation is prepared by a doctor and delivered to a lawyer. It is a binding document presented in the court.

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