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Ready, Set Saving Goals! Get specific about saving money

April 08, 2013

Signs of spring abound. It’s the season of renewal and fresh starts, and that means there’s no better time to dust off that New Year’s Resolution about saving money.

But instead of making a general statement about saving more, get specific.

Set goals for your funds - a down payment on a convertible, a college fund for the kids, or that cruise through the Inside Passage. Save for long- term and short-term goals so you stay motivated.

Make them real by creating a visual, for example, by cutting out travel pictures from magazines and keeping them in your wallet or pinned on your bulletin board. Or select a Web site to represent a goal as your personal home page. Then, sign up for an automatic savings plan at the credit union. By having the funds electronically transferred to savings, you’re less likely to impulse shop or dine out yet another night. Before you know it, you will be achieving one goal and making plans for others.

Stop by the credit union and start saving today with our club accounts.

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