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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Oświęcim - German Auschwitz Extermination Camp

Deniss Pulaski, Arkadiusz M. Chowaniec     October 18, 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Oświęcim - German Auschwitz Extermination Camp
Fotos: Artur Barbarowski / Facebook

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor, arrived in Oświęcim on September 27, 2022, where he visited the former German Auschwitz extermination camp. A former politician, as well as a popular film actor and bodybuilder, he was very moved when he visited the German extermination camp.

“I am witnessing the enormous devastation caused by Nazism. I have seen with my own eyes how hatred has gotten out of control, and that is why I now share these painful memories with the world in the hope that such tragedies can be prevented in the future. I support the Jewish Center in Oświęcim and their mission so that the Holocaust will never happen again".

The former governor of California lit candles at the Death Wall in former Auschwitz I, where the Germans shot tens of thousands of people, mainly Poles. He also lit candles at the monument to the victims of the camp in the former KL Auschwitz II - Birkenau, near the places where the mass extermination of Jews took place during the occupation.

Foto: Artur Barbarowski

Arnold Schwarzenegger met with the surviving Auschwitz prisoner, Ms Lidia Maksymowicz, who was sent to the camp as a three-year-old child and suffered terrible suffering during the pseudo-medical experiments of Dr. Mengele.

Foto: Artur Barbarowski

"It must have been extremely difficult for her to be here again and remember these terrible things," said Schwrzenegger.

"I also remember the speech in the United States of the Ambassador of Peace Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha, cooperating with soldiers of the UN Peacekeeping Forces, who spoke about the terrible things that happened to the Polish and Jewish Nation."

Great respect is owed to all those who perpetuate the memory of these crimes. It is important not to let these tragic events happen again.

Today more than ever, we need international community to adress the true history of the concentration camps - one of the worst evils designed on earth by human beings.

An example of those who do their best to show the true history of the German extermination camps is David Madden from the International Academic Competitions, who organizes the World Historical Olympics. He is an American in love with Polish history, who straightened the historical lies published in newspapers about World War II (the newspapers wrote falsely about the "Polish Death Camps" and not about the German Death Camps built in Poland by the Germans).

Foto: Artur Barbarowski

Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasized that each of the 1.1 million victims of Auschwitz should be remembered.

“The fact that Mrs. Lidia was here today proves that we have a mission: to remember - so such things should not happen ever again in the future. I am very committed to fighting hatred, prejudice, discrimination and inequality. Everyone has to be involved so that this doesn't happen. Nobody deserves to be a victim of discrimination and hatred. Hatred must be exterminated.”

Foto: Artur Barbarowski

US Ambassador Mark Brzeziński in an interview with Filip Matwin, a Swedish diplomat of Polish origin, said that he fully supports the work for the truthfulness of history and International Academic Competitions, especially nowadays, and is pleased that the next World History Olympiad will be held next year in Poland in Warsaw, Lublin, Biłgoraj and Krakow, and the most talented young people from all over the world will visit the German extermination camp from the Second World War in Majdanek in Lublin and Oświęcim.

Foto: Artur Barbarowski
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