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The First Slavic and Viking Festival in the United States

August 20, 2023

The First Slavic and Viking Festival in the United States
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From September 1st through the 4th, 2023, there will be a Slavic and Viking Fest held at the Fort Loudoun Historic Site.

We cordially invite everyone to the inaugural Slavic and Viking Festival in the USA, Wolin in America, to be held at Fort Loudoun in Pennsylvania from September 1-4, 2023.

Come and experience the legendary and trendy festival of Poland! Viking and Slavic teams from all over the United States will be participating, along with reenactors from Europe and around the globe. One of the greatest reenactors, Lubomir Aleksandrowicz, is bringing his family from Poland! During the festival, combat demonstrations featuring Eastern and Western styles will occur, and vendors will sell items from the Viking Age. There will also be live music from bands hailing from Europe and America, playing period music. You can even taste the delicious Slavic and Viking cuisine. Plus, plenty of games and activities will keep you entertained. Each festival evening will be capped off with a grand feast accompanied by period music. We warmly welcome everyone to join us!

The event will be open to the public each day from 10am to 5 pm.