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Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn Robert J. Brennan Leads Palm Sunday Procession

Diocese Brooklyn
25 marca, 2024

Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn Robert J. Brennan Leads Palm Sunday Procession
Palm Sunday Procession. Photos and Video are courtesy of John Quaglione/DeSales Media

Bishop Robert Brennan marked the start of Holy Week this afternoon, leading the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph's Palm Sunday Procession, which kicked off in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza.

After an opening prayer and blessing, Bishop Brennan led more than 250 people in a public witness of faith with their blessed palms down Vanderbilt Avenue to the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph on Pacific Street.

“In this procession, we walk with Jesus, remembering that Jesus always walks with us. Today, we gave public witness to our Catholic faith on the streets of Brooklyn, showing the greatness of God to those who walked, drove, biked, and jogged by us as we walked. Thank you to the New York City Police Department for their logistical and safety involvement, and to DeSales Media for broadcasting it live ON NET-TV for many more to see,” said Bishop Robert Brennan.

“As we begin this Holy Week, I encourage Catholics throughout Brooklyn and Queens to make this week different from other weeks. Let yourself spend more time in prayer or church or perform an act of charity. May you better understand how much God loves you, and may you be an example of His love to those you encounter,” said Bishop Robert Brennan.

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. Those who greeted Jesus waved palms and set them on the ground along His path. Palms are recognized as a symbol of victory and peace.

Following the procession, Bishop Brennan celebrated the Spanish Mass at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph. Holy Week concludes on Easter Sunday with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.